GCV Life Pvt. LTd.

Our Services

Investment Banking

Our Investment banking business primarily deals in M&A advisory and Fund raising. We focus on sub-corporate deals for M&A transactions like sale/ purchase of brands, business units, manufacturing facilities etc.

At our Fund raising business, we primarily focus on raising capital in excesss of US$ 2 Million.

M&A advisory

We have developed a robust methodology to take our client through the process of deal making.

We have successfully assisted our clients in domestic and cross-border transactions. Our clients have engaged us for both buy-side and sell-side advisory. We advise for the entire business or for strategic acquisition / divestiture of part of a business or of a particular brand portfolio in case of pharmaceutical companies.

Deal evaluation

Deal Evaluation

Deal execution methodology

Evaluation of the opportunity ( business / brand / asset ) to identify its USP & appropriate positioning

  • Site visit & evaluation of business information.
  • Creation of teaser , information memorandum & financial modeling if required.

Screening of market for evaluating and identifying suitable prospect(s) for acquiring the client business

  • Screening for strategic fit & financial capability.
  • Creation of a list of potential target(s) / prospect(s).
  • Sharing the opportunity with prospect(s) & meeting them in person.

Our main strength is structuring of transactions to ensure a win-win scenario for both the parties

  • Productive engagement with the prospect(s).
  • Negotiation to ensure maximum realization for client.
  • Assisting with due diligence & other legal formalities.

Fund raising

We assist start-ups and mature companies to raise capital preferably in excess of US$ 2 Million. Our service spans across the entire transaction cycle such as business evaluation, business case preparation (pitch deck & financial modelling), investor search, term sheet & transaction structuring, co-ordination for due diligence, negotiations, closure & post - closure activities.

Business model & technology / innovation evaluation across different sectors such as healthcare delivery, diagnostics, medical technology etc

  • Discussion with prospective client(s).
  • Sector & business model analysis.
  • Screening for suitability & fitment.

Assessment of capital required, revenue projection & expected returns scalability, competitive moat and positioning strategy for the start-up

  • Information memorandum & strategic positioning.
  • Financial modeling & return analysis.

Screening suitable healthcare start-up financiers & reaching out to them

  • Short listing of investor(s) based on our proprietary data & presenting the opportunity to them.
  • Setting up call / meeting with the founder(s).
  • Supporting the founder to tackle queries regarding the business.

Engaging with the prospective investor(s) & working towards a successful closure

  • Co-ordinating for due diligence.
  • Negotiation to ensure fair valuation.
  • Analysis & advise on term sheet(s).
  • Structuring of transaction & closure.

We have some amazing case studies

Innovation Licensing

This is one of our boutique offerings where we partner with innovative healthcare companies and help them to commercialize and scale-up their product / technology. One of the major challenges for start-ups is to gain initial traction for their product / technology. Our extensive network in the healthcare industry equips us to identify the right commercial partner for your innovation and structure the appropriate licensing or alliance or Joint Venture agreement to realize maximum value for your innovation.

Snapshot of our process

We create value by collaborating with the Innovator companies and representing them to commercialize their innovation.

Identify: Identifying innovative and path breaking technologies first to the Indian/ Asian market

  • New chemical entities (NCE)
  • New medical entities (NME)
  • New biotech entities (NBE)
  • New active substances (NAS)
  • Patent/ Trade secret/ other Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Medical devices

Evaluate: Assess techno-commercial feasibility to determine the market potential of the innovation

  • Analysis of Secondary data sources and published reports
  • Study material/brochure from the innovator company
  • Study of regulatory framework in the territory
  • Alignment with GCVL capabilities & strategy


  • Non-confidential agreement (NDA) signed up to protect proprietary information of the innovator
  • Signing the commercial agreement between Innovator and GCVL
  • Representing the innovator in the agreed territory

Commercialize – Licensing / Distribution

  • Prepare Teaser, Information Memorandum, Pitch-deck, Proposal documents etc
  • Establish contact with the market leaders in respective sectors such as: Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Biotechnology, Food & Nutrition
  • Evaluate various ‘go-to-market’ options – Doctor Prescription, OTC, On-line selling, MLM etc
  • Shortlist Prospect companies post doing analysis with respect to-
    • Product-market fit
    • Key players
    • Market size & growth
    • Negotiation
    • Competitive products
    • Commercial with respect to cost

Commercialization achieved using -

  • Alliances
  • Joint Ventures
  • Licensing
  • Distribution

Finalize the partnership model and provide the following support to execute the partnership

  • Technology / Product registration
  • Contract Manufacturing & Packaging Partnership
  • Import assistance (International Clients)
  • Supply & distribution support including logistics & warehouse & forecasting requirement
  • Payment collection & Receivables management

Providing financial and strategic advice