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Business Reality and Business Real Demands

Today healthcare industry, especially pharmaceutical, faces data paradox i.e. data overload at one end and information deficit on the other. This leaves stakeholders yearning for business intelligence during crucial decision-making, for challenges and opportunities alike, in spite of data abundance. Further, business questions vary with the stakeholders spanning across strategic, operational and tactical frontages.

Eventually, decision makers are forced to drive actions resorting to ‘gut feelings’ or relying on ‘selectively preferred’ data points that support their hypotheses. In either case, benefit of having multiple data points from diverse data sources stands defeated in the bigger context.

  • How do I grow faster than the market?
  • How do I improve rank?
  • How do I increase presence in Chronic/ Acute Therapy area?
  • How can I have at least 20 brands among the top 300 in IPM?
  • How do I maintain an operating profit of XX %?
  • How do I optimize my Return on Investment?
  • How do I increase shoreholder returns?
  • How do I optimize Customer base?
  • How should I do Channel selection
  • What should be my Geographical presence viz. Metro vs Tier 3 city focus
  • How do I have at least 50% of the eligible patient pool on my drug
  • What should be my Promotional Mix and effectiveness?
  • How do I reduce Employee attrition?
  • What should be my optimal field size?
  • How do I Cover all the important Doctors that matter?
  • What should be the Incentive models for Customer, Employees, Partners?
  • How do I increase Productivity and market share?
  • How do I ensure Coaching, training & development?
  • How can I increase Effectiveness of Schemes and offers?
  • How do I appoint right stockists?
  • How do I optimize my prescriptions and increase inventories?

Business Analytics Approach to Business Demands

Gregor Analytics addresses the business demands by building an integrated, scientific approach within its analytical solutions. Depending on data maturity within the organisation, team at Gregor Analytics hand-holds the client along their analytics journey from efficiency, effectiveness and excellence to drive decision- making. In the first phase, focus is on making the best use of the available data, establishing connect with the key performance indicators and providing the insights in time to the stakeholders. In the second phase, emphasis is on enriching data points and identification of action areas with timely alerts and competitive benchmarking. Third phase centres on predictive modelling techniques to help organisations proactively build foresight and drive their future. Data integration across varied data sources, algorithms derived using data science tools and presentation of actionables via easy to use visualisation tools form the essence of the business analytics approach along the analytics journey with the client.

Business Analytics Solutions to enable Business Outcomes

Gregor Analytics draws inspiration from effective use of analytics in other sectors especially retail and finance. As a support function to the industry, it has been our constant endeavour to develop, augment and identify best of the analytical tools and global practices, across industries to help our clients effectively and efficiently address their business questions. The current offerings span across the analytics value chain – descriptive, predictive and prescription and include data tools to support the data integration and modelling.

Our Team Members

These is the team behind Gregor Analytics Agency

Dr. Rajashri Mokashi

Managing Partner with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry having worked across all the intermediaries of the value chain including operations, sales, marketing, marketing research, consulting and analytics.

Kiran Killedar

Executive with over 20 years of experience handling the administrative function

Rohan Pendurkar

Sr.Executive with over 10 years of experience handling the finance function

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